regularly dope
regularly dope

the art book is happening…..

…or, it happened…..well, sort of. It is still an “art book”. But instead, it’s just online. Yes there were some difficulties, but what is life without some tribulation, right?

I remembered a twitter convo with my guy Samax (aka ghettoManga) saying that print is a dying art (paraphrasing). So, instead of a physical book, or even a “click-to-buy-download-as-PDF”, the second book in the #webpeeps series (yes, series) is being “released” on-line. And if you’re reading this, you’re more than 3/4 the way there to view it…….

That’s right, CLICK HERE. Check back often as it will be updated. There’s also a convenient ink on the homepage that will take you to it as well….

Thank you

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