regularly dope
regularly dope


I’d like to start a lil something new called “whutzreellyguud?!”.  Basically, its anything found on the web that gives insight to good stuff that pertains to comics, art, good music and colture.  And…away we go!!

ghettoManga is a site run by Samax and is a haven for all things cool!  You’re probably saying to yourself, “Kuntree, what makes ghettoManga so cool?”  Calm yourself reader, Samax has broken it down for you to understand, from his site:  “ghettoManga is all about comics, hipHop, news, art, and culture. in otherwords, anything i like or think is important can wind up within its pages. my intent is to comingle fans of hip hop, anime, comics, sports, movies, fine art, urban fashion and politics, etc… to promote my work, and the work of those i consider fresh.”

I strongly suggest you frequent his site and while you’re at it, put in an order for the newest release of GMQ (ghettoManga Quarterly), as I am sure it will not dissapoint!!  GETCHUSUM!!

I’ve had the honor and privelege of working with this awesome young lady!!  She did our (my wife and I) engagement photos in August of 2009.  Her lens work is top notch, and she is professional, to a “T”.  Our photo session was on August 1st in the beautiful Half Moon Bay, California, and we had our pictures available August 3!!!  You do the math!!

If engagement or nuptial photos isn’t what you’re in the market for, well, she has more to offer!!  Julie K offers Commercial, portrait, and Boudoir photo sessions at affordable prices!!  Again, scurry on over to Julie K Photo and GETCHUSUM!!!!

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